Bluefin Brainstorming 2016

A special THANK YOU to Bluefin Robotics for once again graciously hosting a mentor/engineering brainstorming and strategy session at their great facility right down the street in Quincy. We say “Team HYPER wouldn’t be possible without the help/support of [insert sponsors/students/teachers/alumni/parents here]” a lot, but with Bluefin, it really is true. Bluefin Robotics’ sponsorship of our team makes all our efforts possible.

It is always helpful to get a chance to sit down as a group of professionals/mentors and really dig into the nuances of this year’s game, building upon all the hard brainstorming work our students have been doing this first week of the build season. The additional minds and expert perspectives help us inform our decisions for building a great robot together. We can’t wait to bring back your ideas and feedback (and hopefully more of you!) to the robotics area and magically turn it all into a functioning robot.
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2016 Game Rules

FIRST Stronghold has been revealed! The 2016 Season has officially started!! For anyone anxiously waiting to read this year’s rules in order to be as prepared as possible for our first Build Season Meeting, the password for the encrypted game files is: @Ahead)Together!FRC^2016

Edit: Thanks Jin!! Decrypted versions of the game files here

2016 Kickoff – FIRST Stronghold

The big moment is almost here! January 9, 2016 @ 1030AM the kickoff stream goes live for the 2016 FRC game. Watch below or here (if the embedded stream isn’t working). We’ll be taking the 2016 team photo as well, so remember to wear your team shirt (or a blue/orange shirt if you’re a rookie and don’t have a team shirt yet).

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2016 FRC Districts

We’re registered for our 2 districts events for the 2016 FRC Season!

NE District – Boston Event – Boston University April 1-3, 2016
NE District – UMASS Dartmouth Event – UMASS Dartmouth March 18-20, 2016

And of course we hope to be competing in the NE District Championship April 13-16, 2016 as well!

More info during the 2016 FRC Season…

Northeastern Competition Recap

The Northeastern Competition’s practice matches started with a victory for Team HYPER. Our robot preformed well in the practice rounds. The ranked matches also opened with a bang where we enjoyed several nice matches including a wonderful round allied with Team 125. We peaked in both ranking and in our average.

Just before lunch, match 13 was replayed. We were up in match 16 right after lunch where due to a technical error resulted in that match being replayed at the end of the day. The next match we played was also marred by technical errors which resulted in yet another match being replayed at the end of the first day. In a sign of wonderful Copertition , Team Northern Force (#172) arranged their signs to spell out ‘hyper.’ On the field itself, Team HYPER kept a solid record of shooting for the golden totes.

Team HYPER had a wonderful fashion sense along with our dedicated spirit on the second day of competition. Something we needed when we replayed our third match. At this point, members of HYPER kept up a joke about how many times we had replayed matches.

While we were not in the Top 8 seeds, Team HYPER was selected as the second alliance member of the 4th seeded alliance. Mentioning one of our proud traditions, we took to creating an alliance name HYPER PATRIOTS FORCE. HYPER PATRIOT FORCE swept our first round of the finals with two dominating scores so high in fact that we entered the semi-finals as the top alliance. Unfortunately, our streak ended in the semi-finals when our score feel to the powerful first seeded alliance. Regardless, Team HYPER kept up our upbeat cheering and dancing.

The day was not over however when after a false start almost, we were awarded the Excellence in Engineering Award. Our Woodie Flowers nominee, Mr. Michael Gendron, was also recognized at the Northeastern competition.

Hello World!

Hello and welcome! To the new HYPER Online, website of FIRST Team 69: QPS & Bluefin: HYPER Robotics. To help mark our 20th Build Season (yeah, we’ve been around for a few years–decades actually) we’ve built a new site. Fully responsive via the Foundation Framework, the new site is WordPress (just like our old one!) which allows any member of the team to help contribute content (blog posts, pages, photos, & more).

Please bear with us, as the site isn’t 100% done yet. But we wanted to make the move before this season was done. We’ll have more content up as we go, including photo galleries spanning across our history some even from all the way back in 1996 (before the kids on our team this year were even born… feel old yet?).