HYPER Alumni Association

The Hyper Alumni Association is an organization dedicated to helping improve and expand the abilities of Team HYPER; to encourage student’s interest in not just science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, but also personal growth.

As alumni we are in a unique advantage to help the students who are now on our former team. Whether it is through donating time (mentoring students directly, helping staff events, or passing along knowledge) or financially (helping purchase equipment, tools, and uniforms, create scholarships for trips or create scholarships for schools) we have the ability to make our former team better then it was when we were there.

Organizing together gives us better ability then if we volunteer separately. If we know who is going to help at events before we arrive, we better know what to bring, can ask if anyone needs any materials, if anyone needs help getting to the event, and what to expect from the people you will be working with. We can help host events on behalf of the Team giving the mentors more time to do their jobs with the students and less time setting up tables, or answering questions from guests. With the proper network intact we can help get things running smoothly.

Organizing also allows those who are not close by to help the team as well. Don’t think you can’t help because you no longer live within driving distance, or don’t have the time to volunteer in person. People can donate time and resources remotely if there are jobs that can be done from anywhere, allowing those on the ground to better use their time in person. How many times has the team needed to find parts for the field or game play that are not available in the Greater Boston area; you are not in the Greater Boston area either, let the team know where they can find things.

The greatest thing we have though is our knowledge, our stories, and our passion. After the first meet-up it was very apparent that there are still a lot of strong ties to the team for many alumni and what we all have are those experiences. If we could pass on what we learned as students, and what we needed I think we could build a very strong team and a very good environment for the students there today.