HYPER Robotics is located at the Bethany Congregational Church, located at 18 Spear St., Quincy MA, 02169. We are located in the church’s basement. There are various sections of the area for specific tasks 

  • Machine Shop – This is the area where much of the manipulation of our materials to construct prototypes and materials for the robot is done.
  • Pit Area – This is the area where our crates for competition are located and where we work on the robot itself. It includes various tool boxes, shelving, and building materials.
  • Computer Room – This is where much of the chairman development occurs, as well as official team planning. The animation department also uses the computers in this area to construct and edit their yearly animation.
  • Playing Field – This is our full size FIRST playing field. Every year we host an invitational meet due to such a rarity of having such a field. We are able to practice the assigned game for the year on this field and test various programs and driving techniques.
  • Side Tables – This is where much of the electrical and programming work occurs. Typically there are breadboards and laptops set up along the side in order that the two teams may collaborate while keeping the various delicate components safe from mechanical mishaps.