Veteran’s Meeting Tomorrow

Hi everyone,

We will have another veteran’s meeting tomorrow afternoon at the church where we will continue last week’s work. Hope to see you there from 2:45 until 4:45.

All the best,
Mr. Gendron

HYPER Handbook

Here is this year’s HYPER Handbook.  As a member of our team, you are responsible for reading it and understanding its contents.  If you have any questions about its contents, be sure to ask a mentor.

Download (PDF, 1.26MB)

NEW LOCATION: Tuesday/Wednesday Meetings

Due to ongoing issues within QPS schools and the church, we are moving our location for Tuesday and Wednesday’s meetings. The new location is now the Quincy High School cafeteria. So:

  • Tuesday, 3:30 to 5:30 at Quincy High
  • Wednesday, 5 to 8 at Quincy High

If you come in the front door (Coddington Street side) of QHS the cafeteria is immediately to your left as you enter. If you come in the back door, continue straight and a little left past the gym and you will get there.

Be sure you have read the rules and are ready to brainstorm both strategy and design as that will be the focal point of the meetings.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow,
Mr. Gendron

HYPER KickOff Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing weather and cleanup the Quincy Public Schools are cancelling all activities this weekend. Therefore, we are not able to meet for this year’s kickoff. Please be sure to check out the live stream tomorrow morning at 10:30 to find out the details of this year’s game (pre-show starts at 10am).

Stay tuned for further details about this years game and build season.
Stay safe and warm.

Meeting Thursday 12/14

We will be having an orientation/season preparation meeting on Thursday, December 14th at 3:30. The meeting should last until about 5:30 and will be in our “normal” meeting place at the Bethany Church. New team members, we will meet in the cafeteria of QHS and walk across the street together at 3:25 or you can use the attached directions. Note that there is a phone number (617-376-1100) to call in case you might not be able to find us.

At this meeting, we will show the new team members around our location and begin to get ourselves and our space organized for the upcoming build season.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Register and Sign Consent Forms!

Team –

It is imperative that you sign up/log in with FIRST and sign their consent form.  Here are the steps:

  1. Go to
    • if you have a profile, click Log In
    • If you are new user, select Sign Up
  2. Your parents have to complete the Youth User profile.  Once completed then steps 3 to 5 become available.  
  3. Complete the school section which adds the school that you attend.
  4. Apply to your FIRST team.  Our program is FRC and the team is 69.
  5. Complete the Consent Form section.  

Canning Information

Before you go out canning on Thursday/Friday, I just wanted to share some details of how this process works:
Before Canning
  • Sign up for times on the sign up sheet.  If you would like to, you may now sign up for more that your original two hour shift.
  • Get official cans from Robotics.  If you do not have cans, you must come to tonight’s meeting to pick them up!  The cans have the official license from the city on them.
While Canning
  • Wear a smile and a good attitude.
  • Be ready to explain what our team is and what it does.
  • IF you have team gear, wear it!
  • Make sure you are there for your shift.
After Canning
  • Do NOT open your cans.
  • Keep your cans someplace safe and return them to Robotics as soon as possible.
  • A mentor will count your money and let you know how much you made.
Good luck with this fundraising opportunity!