HYPER to host FTC Scrimmage!


Team HYPER will host an FTC scrimmage on Sunday, December 15th from noon until 4PM. Setup will begin at 11AM and we will stay until we are cleaned up afterwards (5 at the latest). HYPER’s new FTC Teams fulLTilt and Mountain Doers will be participating in the scrimmage and HYPER veterans will help run the show.

Safety Training & Meetings

Safety Training will be this Thursday, 10/3, from 3 until 6 pm. The training itself will begin at 3:30 and conclude around 5pm. If you are unable to be there for that time span, then you should NOT attend. Instead, please wait for a future safety training.

Future Meetings will be meeting on Wednesdays (no longer Thursdays) from 3 to 6pm. Eventually, we will add a second meeting day each week as the FTC season intensifies.

HYPER Registered for Southern NH District Event

Team HYPER (69) have registered for their 2020 travel competition. They will be attending the Southern NH District Event at Bedford High School in Bedford, NH. Check-in for the event is Friday, March 27 with competition dates on Saturday and Sunday, March 28 & 29. Many more details will come in future months.

Veteran’s Meeting Tomorrow

Hi everyone,

We will have another veteran’s meeting tomorrow afternoon at the church where we will continue last week’s work. Hope to see you there from 2:45 until 4:45.

All the best,
Mr. Gendron

Progress Update

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Today, there was a lot of progress made. We leveled up our robot frames, slowly collecting and forging pieces in preparation to defeat the boss. Slowly but surely, our team is growing in power and confidence. Drive camp is training newbs to maneuver the robot by farming exp. from past robots. Programming is guiding the robot to victory by helping young members to code. Marketing has proposed many avatars to fly proudly when our time of victory arrives.

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