HYPER Photos taken during the 2011 FIRST Robotics Competition Season.

  • FLL 2011

    FLL 2011

    288 Photos Chris

    The 2011 FIRST Lego League Quincy Qualifier Competition. Hosted by Team HYPER Robotics at North Quincy High School. Photos taken by Luke Vu.

  • Presidents Cup 2011

    Presidents Cup 2011

    137 Photos Chris

  • Team Dinner NH 2011

    Team Dinner NH 2011

    58 Photos Chris

  • Machine Build 2011

    Machine Build 2011

    86 Photos Chris

  • Field Construction 2011

    Field Construction 2011

    56 Photos Chris

    This year Team HYPER dedicated an entire day to building our FRC practice field. Photos taken by Marc Samson & the Commander.

  • Brainstorm, Prototype, and Design

    Brainstorm, Prototype, and Design

    182 Photos Chris

    Pictures from our 2011 Brainstorming and Prototyping days. Pictures by the Commander.

  • Kick Off 2011

    Kick Off 2011

    37 Photos Chris

    The 2011 FIRST Kick Off Event. Hosted by Team HYPER Robotics at the Bethany Church. Photos taken by Jen Tam.