HYPER Photos taken during the 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition Season: FIRST STEAMworks.

  • Team Dinner & Award 2017

    Team Dinner & Award 2017

    57 Photos Nathan

  • Robotics Challenge 2017

    Robotics Challenge 2017

    154 Photos Nathan

    Team HYPER hosts its 3rd annual QPS Robotics Challenge for the Quincy Middle & Elementary School FIRST Lego League teams. The competition features an FLL challenge the students have not completed. This year’s game is the 2013 FLL Nature’s Fury Challenge.

  • Rhode Island District 2017

    Rhode Island District 2017

    99 Photos Nathan

    Team HYPER travels to Bryant University to compete in the 2017 Rhode Island District Event, in Week 4 of FRC STEAMworks.

  • WPI District 2017

    WPI District 2017

    128 Photos Nathan

    Team HYPER travels to Worcester to compete in the 2017 WPI District Event, for Week 2 of FRC STEAMworks.



    49 Photos Nathan

    Team HYPER's result for FIRST STEAMworks, our 22nd robot!

  • Stop Build Day 2017

    Stop Build Day 2017

    50 Photos Nathan

    The last day of the 2017 Build Season, all hands on deck to get final changes done before bagging.

  • Construction 2017

    Construction 2017

    336 Photos Nathan

    Ideas become reality as students and mentors fabricate and assemble their designs into an actual robot.

  • Prototyping 2017

    Prototyping 2017

    47 Photos Nathan

    Taking their thoughts from brainstorming to the next level, students and mentors test the feasibility through prototyping.

  • Field Build 2017

    Field Build 2017

    111 Photos Nathan

    Team HYPER works on building the 2017 FRC STEAMworks Field.

  • Brainstorming 2017

    Brainstorming 2017

    22 Photos Nathan

    Students work together, guided by mentors to brainstorm important strategies for the 2017 FRC game "FIRST STEAMwork" and designs that best match those strategies.

  • Kick Off 2017

    Kick Off 2017

    19 Photos Nathan

    Photos from our first 2017 Build Season meeting and kickoff for FIRST STEAMwork.

  • Safety Training 2017

    Safety Training 2017

    20 Photos Nathan

    Photos from our mandatory safety training for all students.